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CNC Automatic Marble Polishing Machine

Model: CB/BMF2-2M-20/16 (Upgraded Version)

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    • Commodity name: CNC Automatic Marble Polishing Machine
    • Commodity ID: 1164527859159158784

    Model: CB/BMF2-2M-20/16 (Upgraded Version)

  • CNC Automatic Marble Polishing Machine

    Model: CB/BMF2-2M-20/16 (Upgraded Version)


    Difference between one beam and two beams

    Electric device

    The slab detection unit

    Crossbeam structure

    Rough Grinding plate

    Each rough grinding spindle unit is equipped with the high efficiency of grinding plate with diameter of 510mm and suitable to fix 7 pieces of abrasive, to ensure high efficiency stability for rough grinding. It is also equipped with special shock-proof and shock absorption unit, suitable to work different stone and get good grinding efficiency.

    High efficiency - rough grinding spindle unit

    High brightness-Polishing spindle unit

    Polishing spindle unit is whole cast-iron casting, with high reliability, simple maintenance, good stability. For the polishing plate, it is suitable to fix plate of Φ600mm, holding 9 pieces of abrasive. It proved that ensures the higher efficiency and high brightness.

    Polishing Plate

    Each polishing spindle unit is equipped with polishing plate with diameter of 600mm and suitable to fix 9 pieces of abrasive, to ensure high uniformity and brightness for polishing and solve the problem for the shadow on polished slabs. It is also equipped with special shock-proof and shock absorption unit, suitable to work different stone. It can reduce the abrasive wastage and reduce the production costs.

    The table

    The table is the support structure of the machine, to ensure the flatness and high rigidity in run. Adopt wear resistant steel plate on the table. 
    The thickness of the table increased from 400mm to 450mm to improve the strength of table structure and make table more stable. It can reduce the vibration while machine in run. The conveyor belt slides upon a thick steel table to transport the slabs with perfect flatness, to ensure quality.

    Automatic lubrication system

    Adopt automatic lubrication system to add oil to the machine in fixed time with fast speed, to save time and troubles for operator, control the usage of lubricating oil, ensure the regular lubricant in the fixed time, effectively achieve the purpose of maintenance, reduce the machinery abrasion and extend lifespan.

    Crossbeam transmission system

    Crossbeam transmission is controlled by servo system, two pieces for each crossbeam, total 4 pieces. There are advantages as below.
    1)High precision: achieve closed loop control of the location, speed and moment, make the control more precise.
    2)Rotation speed: more stable and high speed without distortion.
    3)Adaptability: ability for overload-resistant is strong, and can bear large torque load;
    4)Stability: low speed working with stability, little vibration and low noise.
    5)Timeliness: motors speed up and down with fast response and high accuracy.
    6)Comfort: motor run with lower heat and decreased noise.

    The control and display of spindle

    Choices switch to control the lift and fall of the spindle by manual or automatic. It can adjust the fall pressure with adjusting knob and pressure will display on pressure gauge to each spindle unit separately. It is convenient for operator to check and control the lift and fall of the spindle.

    Operation panel and touch screen

    The operation panel combines press buttons with touch screen, easier for operator to operate and understand. It includes power on/off, program stop, alarm clear, control to beams and belt, waterproof cover lift/fall and emergency stop. 
    Touch screen in 10.1 inch, convenient for operation.

    Touch screen

    Operator can know clearly the functions about the machine with the touch screen. Its functions list as under.
    User adjustor,Up/down adjustor,Parameter setting,Diagnosis functions,Fault list,Main menu. It can know clearly for all information with above menus, such as the position of polishing plates, abrasive consumption, slabs thickness, alarm for the problem, etc. It is easier for operator to solve the problem quickly.


    Adopt single-arm automatic loader with 12 pieces suction cups for loading slabs with fast speed, to improve productivity, improve good work environment and laborsaving job for workers. Suction cup is in diameter of ?250mm, 4 pieces per row, total 3 rows. The rated load weight is 0.5 ton.

    Slab width detection

    There are 4 sets of detection components in front of the table. When slab move and touch detection components, it can detects the slab widths automatically and put the slab to the motorized rotation A-Frame at safe, efficient and fast speed.

    Motorized rotation A-frame

    Slabs can be placed on both sides of the motorized rotation A-frame. While the motorized rotation A-frame is full with slabs, it will rotate 180 ° to load and unload slabs continually. The complete polishing line can work without stop, to improve the production effciency.  

  • Item Unit CB/BMF2-2M-16 CB/BMF2-2M-20
    Diameter of abrasive holding plates mm First beam
    Second beam
    First beam
    Second beam
    Number of polishing units No./beam 10 6 10 10
    Number of abrasive for plate No./head 7 9 7 9
    Max. polishing width mm 2000 2000 2000 2000
    Power of polishing unit hp/kw 20/15 20/15 20/15 20/15
    Belt conveyor power hp/kw 5/3.7 5/3.7 5/3.7 5/3.7
    Swing servo drive power kw 7×2 5×2 7×2 7×2
    Belt advancement speed mm/min 0-4000 0-4000
    Bridge travel max.speed m/min 0-58 0-58
    Water consumption m3/h 25 32
    Air consumption m3/h 40 50
    Total power hp/kw 356/268 443/332
    Machine weight kg 35000 40000
    Overall dimensions (rollers & electric cabinet excluded) mm(L) 13850 16370
    mm(W) 4150 4150
    mm(H) 2590 2590

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